On-site commissioning of fully equipped e-houses

Once your equipment housings have been delivered and installed on your site, our on-site team will carry out full site acceptance testing. We have many years experience working across multiple sectors, ensuring we can deliver a range of commissioning services

Thorough site acceptance testing

These tests can be tailored to your specific operational requirements, whether you need limited tests on certain core systems or a repeat of our full factory tests with the buildings in-situ.
Our personnel are fully qualified to work in potentially hazardous environments, whether beside busy mainline railway tracks, on live electricity substation sites or at remote oil refineries. We observe the strictest safety procedures in line with the stringent requirements of many industry sectors.

Project-specific testing for specialist applications

We also have the experience and resources to carry out more specialised tests on our buildings to meet the requirements of individual projects or applications.
For example, we have carried out onerous fire tests on buildings for London Underground. These buildings had to meet strict fire-rating standards for use on the underground network.

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