Versatile modular buildings designed to house equipment on any scale

Many equipment housing applications require large open-plan rooms to accommodate essential control, power and automation systems on a large scale.

Scalable solution for major projects

Individual, stand-alone Portastor buildings can be manufactured in sizes up to 30m x 6m, weighing up to 100 tonnes. For larger building requirements, we can link modules side-by-side or end-to-end and in multiple storeys to create buildings of any size or configuration
Our versatile modular building method means we can design building footprints to suit the space available on your site. Multi-storey capabilities enable you to optimise limited floor space on congested sites.

Vast open-plan interiors for ultimate flexibility

The Portastor modular building system has a unique design which enables us to create vast open-plan, column-free spaces. That means you can house large arrays of essential equipment in configurations to suit your specific operational requirements. Alternatively, these large interiors can be sub-divided into multi-room facilities, with segregated areas for equipment requiring different operational conditions.

Full factory testing prior to despatch

The size of the Portastor manufacturing site means we can even assemble your entire modular building on our site prior to despatch for factory acceptance testing. The building is then dismantled and the individual modules transported to your site for reassembly and final commissioning.

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