Reduce programme times by taking projects off your critical path and save up to 50% off your total project length

As any project manager knows, minimising the tasks on your critical path is key to accelerating programme times and hitting your deadlines, at Portastor this is one of our primary goals, to make your life easier

By manufacturing and fitting out your equipment housings off-site in our factory, Portastor removes these time-consuming activities from your critical path. It’s one of the key benefits of choosing modular construction over traditional site-based building methods and can reduce the total project time by up to 20%.

Precision manufacturing for complete quality assurance

Your buildings can be manufactured to precise tolerances and consistently high standards in our controlled factory environment, where there are no site-related limitations or weather-related delays.

Working in parallel to hit tight deadlines

Manufacturing your buildings off-site also means that all site preparation activities, such as service installation, foundations and other groundworks can be carried out in parallel with building construction and fitting out. That offers significant time-saving opportunities for your project, which are vital when you’re working to a tight deadline.

Complete project management for a turn-key service

When you work with Portastor, our experienced project managers will ensure thatevery aspect of your e-housing programme runs to schedule. We take a weight off your shoulders by offering a compete turn-key package, managing all EPC contractors and OEM suppliers on your behalf to ensure you get precisely the equipment housings you need, right on schedule.

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We are very happy with the new buildings, which meet our requirements exactly. Portastor took responsibility for the whole project, and managed everything expertly on our behalf.

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