Fast, safe efficient installation minimises downtime and disruption, significantly reducing total acquisition cost

Whether you’re running an oil and gas plant, power station or rail depot, any new building installation needs to be completed safely, quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption and downtime at your plant.

Downtime can mean lost production, reduced efficiency and potential disruption to staff and customers, so keeping it to a minimum is a top priority.

Off-site fit-out keeps on-site work to a minimum

When you choose modular e-houses from Portastor, you are assured of minimal disruption to your site during installation.
That’s because all manufacturing, first fit and second fit activities are carried out at the purpose-built Portastor factory, away from your operational site.

Pre-tested buildings ready for immediate installation

Once fitted with all OEM equipment, your buildings are factory tested prior to despatch. This means they are ready to be sited immediately upon arrival at your plant. The buildings are simply craned into position, ready for final commissioning.
The installation process is clean, safe and non-disruptive. Portastor will liaise closely with you to arrange the delivery and installation work so that it causes minimal interference to your daily operations – reducing, and in some cases eliminating, any downtime.

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The way we work with Portastor is very important to help us reduce risks on the trackside sites, improve safety and also minimise the costs associated with working trackside. It means equipment installation and commissioning can be carried out in parallel with site preparations, which helps to reduce programme times. In addition, it’s far better to have the buildings fitted out and tested in a clean, controlled, safe environment than in a busy and often restricted trackside site.

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