Rigorous testing - complete quality assurance

Your Portastor equipment housings will be delivered to your site fully fitted out and factory tested – helping to reduce programme times and minimise disruption to your site.

First and second stage fit out – significantly reducing risk

In our factory, your buildings are assembled and fitted out with all mechanical and electrical (M&E) systems, cabling and air-conditioning, environmental monitoring and fire-suppression systems, before your specialist third-party and OEM equipment is fitted.

Essential fault-finding and operational tests

At this stage, with the building fully fitted out, we carry out rigorous factory acceptance testing to check that all internal equipment, connections, HVAC and fire systems are fully operational. These tests serve as an essential fault-finding exercise and ensure we deliver quality-assured, fully functioning equipment housings to your site.

Multi-module building assembly and testing

Larger linked modular buildings of any size can even be assembled on our site for factory acceptance testing, enabling us to provide you with quality assurances for the entire integrated unit.

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It's extremely beneficial for us to be able to complete the factory acceptance tests at Portastor, away from the live trackside site. It means the buildings arrive on location ready for rapid connection and final testing, significantly reducing the time, cost and risk associated with the trackside installation phase

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