Save time and money with complete facilities management services

The dedicated facilities management team takes care of every aspect of your project once your buildings leave our factory gate, including installation, testing, commissioning and where applicable, downstream maintenance & product upgrades.

Experienced engineers at your service

Facilities management is part of our turn-key service package, with all activities coordinated by an experienced project manager. By handling the whole process, our team helps to reduce cost, save time and reduce the complexity associated with managing numerous maintenance contractors.
The range of professional services offered by our highly skilled facilities management team includes:

  • Logistics and transportation – including route surveying and planning for abnormal loads and compliance with international shipping requirements.
  • Full building installation – including site and access surveys, assistance with site preparation, delivery, offloading and positioning, site integration and testing – working closely with your on-site teams to minimise disruption to your operations. For large overseas projects where a workforce is already on site, our specialist engineers will provide expert supervision to ensure a smooth installation.
  • Commissioning –full e-house commissioning, including fire-detection and suppression systems, primary power, security alarms, HVAC and back-up power systems.
  • Product support and site upgrades –for the life of your buildings, helping to optimise their performance and ensure they provide long-term service.

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