Design expertise to meet individual specifications

Portastor recognises that no two customers ever have the same equipment housing requirements. Even customers operating the same type of plant in the same industry will have different site layouts, operational practices and individual preferences. That’s why we design and build bespoke equipment housings for every single project.

E-houses designed to meet industry standards

Our in-house design specialists have the experience, skill and industry knowledge required to create fully packaged e-houses to safely and securely accommodate all types of power, control and automation equipment for customers in diverse market sectors. You can rely on our specialists to create buildings that meet your exact specifications and comply with all OEM and industry-specific standards.

Flexible building system adapted to your site

The versatility of Portastor modular building systems means they can be adapted to fit any site footprint, or configured in multiple storeys to meet the demands and limitations of any site.

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