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When you choose Portastor to supply fully fitted buildings to house your mission- critical equipment, you will enjoy a complete end-to-end service, managed at every stage by experienced and skilled professionals.

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Why Modular?

Modular build delivers costs benefits, such as reduced total aquisition cost, economies of scale that could save up to 20% and time benefits including reduced lead time, installation and commissioning time, giving the ability to run a number of processes in parallel, saving up to 50% of project time. All this delivered with significantly reduced risk.

Modular v's traditional build

Turnkey Solutions

Full range of Turnkey solutions

Portastor offers a complete ‘consultation-to-commissioning’ service on every equipment housing project. We manage every stage of your project from initial design and consultation, through to manufacturing your buildings, first and second fit out, factory testing, delivery, installation and final handover.

Turnkey solutions

A Diverse Range of Solutions

CE Marking

CE Marking is a European norm and a mandatory legal requirement under the Construction Products Regulations, (CPR). Therefore there are legal obligations for the manufacturer and designers of fabricated construction products i.e. modular buildings and sub-structures such as platforms and stairs.

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Engineering expertise


Portastor recognises that no two customers ever have the same equipment housing requirements. Even customers operating the same type of plant in the same industry will have different site layouts, operational practices and individual preferences. That’s why we design and build bespoke equipment housings for every single project.

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In locations where extreme heat, cold or air-borne contaminants pose a major threat to your sensitive control, power and automation equipment, Portastor can supply and install fully packaged heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Factory Acceptance Testing

Your Portastor equipment housings will be delivered to your site fully fitted out and factory tested – helping to reduce programme times and minimise disruption to your site.

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First fit out

Facilities Management

The dedicated facilities management team takes care of every aspect of your project once your buildings leave our factory gate, including installation, testing, commissioning and where applicable, downstream maintenance & product upgrades.

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Removing project from critical path

As any project manager knows, minimising the tasks on your critical path is key to accelerating programme times and hitting your deadlines, at Portastor this is one of our primary goals, to make your life easier

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Scalable solutions

Many equipment housing applications require large open-plan rooms to accommodate essential control, power and automation systems on a large scale.

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