When Community Windpower Ltd constructed Aikengall Windfarm near Edinburgh, it worked with Scottish Power to establish electricity connections to and from the site and to source bespoke equipment housings for the essential substation switchgear.


Portastor supplied two 33kV housings to control the power supply into the windfarm site. Working with Scottish Power, Portastor adapted its building design to meet the precise requirements of the windfarm. Cable access and egress points and emergency exits were positioned precisely to suit the requirements of the windfarm switchgear. One building houses Scottish Power’s switchgear and the other Community Windpower’s control panels and switchgear.
A third 33kV switchgear housing was supplied for the nearby Dunbar substation, where the windfarm is connected to the National Grid. By choosing a compact, self-contained equipment housing from Portastor, Scottish Power was able to clear a quarter-acre compound on its substation site and replace it with a single 35m² building.
Portastor equipment housings were the ideal solution for this remote site where conventional bricks-and-mortar construction would have been be difficult and costly. Off-site manufacture also removed all construction work from the operational site and provided assured-quality buildings.

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