E-houses tailor made for the fast-growing renewable energy sector

Portastor integrated equipment buildings provide the perfect solution for housing essential control, switchgear and metering equipment on remote sites for the fast-growing renewable energy industry.



Switchgear housings can be designed to accommodate single or multiple switch panels up to 33kVA.


Experts in Distributed Control System (DCS) modules for a range of industrial processes.


Used to house rotating equipment, such as pumps and compressors, feature an anti-vibration design.


A range of buildings suitable for the renewable sector such as PRR’s, Transformers.


House grid-connection systems, invertors, switchgear and metering equipment.


Plug-and-play buildings for every type of renewable energy plant
Because Portastor buildings are fully fitted out and tested in the factory, they are ideally suited for installation on remote and difficult-to-access sites where conventional construction would be problematic and expensive. Plug-and-play Portastor buildings can simply be transported to site ready for rapid installation and connection.
Multi-purpose buildings for grid-connection systems
Portastor buildings have been used by renewable energy companies to house grid-connection systems, invertors, switchgear and metering equipment. A typical grid-connection building may be split into three separate rooms to house switchgear, control panels and metering equipment in separate climate-controlled environments. Portastor have worked with many of the major renewable organisations including:

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External cladding to complement rural locations
The versatility of Portastor buildings means they can be adapted for onshore or offshore windfarm applications, hydro-electric power plants, tidal power plants and solar PV installations. In exposed sites where windfarms and other renewable plants are often located, buildings can be finished with a variety of exterior claddings, from wood to brick, to help them blend into the natural environment and comply with planning regulations.

Types of solutions:

  • Substations
  • Protection relay rooms
  • Permit rooms
  • Control rooms

Example projects

  • Rose Cottage PV Farm
  • Aikengall Windfarm
  • Greater Gabbard windfarm


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We are very happy with the new buildings, which meet our requirements exactly. Portastor took responsibility for the whole project, and managed everything expertly on our behalf.

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