ABB was awarded the contract to supply its unique new Structure Mounted Outdoor Switchgear (SMOS) for the Great Western Electrification project (GWEP). This new trackside system features switchgear housed outdoors and mounted safely above ground level. It requires a small equipment housing to accommodate control and protection equipment associated with the switchgear.


ABB appointed Portastor to design and manufacture the 30 Auxiliary Equipment Enclosures (AEE) required to house the protection and control system for its SMOS switchgear.
These modules house the return current busbar (RCBB), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and protection systems, battery charger and batteries, domestic lighting, power supplies and ancillary equipment.
The SMOS system is an innovative concept in switchgear housing, designed to help rail network operators reduce the time required for construction, testing and commissioning of trackside switchgear.
Choosing to house the associated protection and control equipment in modular AEE housings helps to further reduce trackside build times, since the buildings are  manufactured and fitted out off site.

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