Turn key contracts to design, manufacture and supply plug and play E-Houses fully integrated with building services and OEM equipment.

We are an accredited supplier to Network Rail and have a proven track record of delivering complex large infrastructure projects, where our buildings are deployed on time and to schedule to trackside. Our proven solutions are designed to minimise disruption and health and safety risks.



Switchgear housings can be designed to accommodate single or multiple switch panels up to 33kVA.


Experts in Distributed Control System (DCS) modules for a range of industrial processes.


Suitable for a wide range of applications, where speed and cost effectiveness are critical.


An integral part of the supply chain for the majority of the network providers.


E-houses for housing power conversion equipment and associated batteries.

Our Value

Off-site modular construction is the perfect solution for hazardous and difficult-to-access trackside locations, keeping construction and fitting-out activities away from the site and minimising disruption to railway operations during installation. Buildings can even be manufactured to rail gauge specifications to enable easy transport to site by rail.

Types of solutions

  • Traction substations
  • Signalling
  • Communications
  • Station refurbishments
  • London Underground & Local Tramway

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Example projects

  • West Coast Mainline modernisation programme
  • Southern Zone Electrification programme
  • North West Electrification
  • Great Western Electrification Programme
  • Crossrail
  • London Underground – Central line

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he way we work with Portastor is very important to help us reduce risks on the trackside sites, improve safety and also minimise the costs associated with working trackside. It means equipment installation and commissioning can be carried out in parallel with site preparations, which helps to reduce programme times. In addition, it’s far better to have the buildings fitted out and tested in a clean, controlled, safe environment than in a busy and often restricted trackside site.

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