Proven building performance for the challenges of the oil and gas industry

Portastor manufactures bespoke, fully equipped modular equipment housings to protect and maintain essential power, service and control systems for every type of oil and gas plant. We supply e-houses for use as packaged substations, local equipment rooms housing variable speed drives, analyser housings and control and automation centres, including remote instrument buildings (RIBs), field auxiliary rooms (FARs) and remote instrumentation equipment (RIE) housings

Oil & Gas

Rotary Equipment

Used to house rotating equipment, such as pumps and compressors, feature an anti-vibration design.

Battery Rooms

E-houses for housing batteries for critical processes.

Data Centres

Modules for a range of applications from servers to power to UPS & controls.


Switchgear housings can be designed to accommodate single or multiple switch panels up to 33kVA.


Experts in Distributed Control System (DCS) modules for a range of industrial processes.


E-houses for housing power conversion equipment and associated batteries.


Supporting large-scale oil and gas projects worldwide
Portastor designs, manufactures, fits out and installs fully packaged modular equipment housings for oil and gas plants worldwide. We understand the challenging requirements of this industry, where plants and refineries are often located in remote areas and harsh environments. In these inhospitable locations where traditional construction is difficult and often impractical, factory-manufactured buildings from Portastor are the perfect safe, efficient, quality-assured solution.
Portastor buildings are deployed on operational sites throughout the oil and gas supply chain, from pipeline and transportation operations to refineries, downstream derivatives processes, LNG terminals,trains and storage sites. We know how to meet the most demanding specifications and provide safe, durable, protective buildings for the most sensitive mission-critical equipment.
Our buildings have been designed to protect essential equipment in environments ranging from the freezing wastes of Siberia to the heat of the Saudi Arabian desert, from the extremes of the Continental interior to the humidity of the tropics.

Example projects

  • Petrofac – Laggan Tormore
  • Saudi Kayan – Cracker project
  • Storengy – Stublach gas storage project
  • Texaco – Pembroke Sub 21

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Our value

Our experience in the market and knowledge of oil and gas industry operations enables us to design and supply the most resilient, protective housing for your mission-critical equipment. Portastor has more than 20 years’ experience of designing, building, fitting out and installing fully packaged modular equipment housings for oil and gas plants worldwide. We know how to meet the most demanding specifications and provide safe, durable, protective buildings for your most sensitive and mission-critical equipment.
Whether your business involves upstream production and exploration, midstream transportation and storage or downstream refining and processing of crude oil, gas or LNG products, Portastor offers a complete project managed, turn-key solution to save you time and money.

Types of solutions

We can design, build and install robust, blast and fire resistant equipment housings to provide controlled environments for essential power, control and service equipment, including:

  • Packaged process power substations
  • Packaged process automation and control rooms
  • Gas pipeline communications and control kiosks
  • Local equipment rooms
  • Packaged E&I and MCC rooms
  • Rotating-equipment

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Everything ran to schedule and Portastor delivered the equipment housings on the agreed date, keeping our programme on track. The buildings were delivered and installed with no problems and we are very happy with them.

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