High-performance e-housings for electricity generation, transmission and distribution

Portastor supplies fully equipped and tested modular buildings to house switchgear, control and protection equipment for every stage of the electricity generation, transmission and distribution process.

Bespoke protection modules for new-build plants

At the electricity generation stage, Portastor buildings are frequently used to house protection and ancillary equipment connected to high-voltage substations. These ‘protection relay rooms’ are fully fitted out at the Portastor factory with everything from batteries and LVAC equipment to compressors and variable speed drives.

Substation buildings designed to your specifications

Fully equipped Portastor substation buildings are used to house switchgear up to 33kVA, as well as associated control and back-up systems. Individual modules can be linked to create larger multi-room or open-plan buildings of any size or footprint, while stand-alone buildings can be partitioned to include separate switchgear rooms and manned control rooms. Multi-functional buildings can be designed to your specifications, incorporating everything from permit rooms and office space to battery and control rooms.

Supporting the growth of renewable energy generation

Portastor packaged equipment buildings are also used throughout the renewable energy sector to house grid-connection systems, invertors, switchgear and metering equipment. A typical grid-connection building may be split into three separate rooms to house switchgear, control panels and metering equipment in separate climate-controlled environments.
The versatility of Portastor buildings means they can be adapted for onshore oroffshore windfarm applications, hydro-electric power plants, tidal power plants and solar PV installations.

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