Buildings for every stage of oil and gas extraction, processing and storage

Portastor buildings are deployed on operational sites throughout the oil and gas supply chain, from pipeline and transportation operations to refineries, downstream derivatives processes, LNG terminals and storage sites.

Global leaders in the oil and gas industries trust Portastor to manufacture equipment housings for plants in some of the most demanding and hostile environments in the world, from the searing heat of the Arabian desert to the humidity of the tropics and the extreme temperature ranges of central Europe.

Packaged building solutions for every industry application

Portastor offers individual equipment housings, measuring up to 30m x 6m, as well as larger linked modular buildings of any size or configuration to suit individual projects.
The range of specialist equipment housings we supply for the various stages of oil and gas extraction, storage, refining and distribution include:

  • Packaged process power substations
  • Packaged process automation and control rooms
  • Gas pipeline communications and control kiosks rooms
  • Local equipment rooms
  • Packaged E&I and MCC rooms

Blast-resistant buildings designed to your specifications

Buildings for oil and gas applications will be designed with blast ratings to meet the building response criteria for different zones on your site. Oil and gas equipment housings are typically designed to fulfil low-response criteria, which means they will protect the equipment within from significant damage in the event of an explosion.

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