Unique stainless steel buildings for corrosion-resistant, long-life performance

Portastor stainless steel equipment housings offer the most corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance buildings for housing essential control and automation equipment in difficult-to-access, hazardous or polluted environments.

Unrivalled corrosion-resistance and durability

Uniquely, these buildings are constructed entirely from stainless steel, including the walls, roof, floor and all structural supports. That gives unrivalled corrosion resistance and longevity. The stainless steel body is available in a range of finishes and has an innovative anti-vandal exterior that allows easy removal of graffiti. Officially rated with a design life of 60 years, stainless steel has the potential to endure for hundreds of years.

Multi-sector applications

The Portastor stainless steel building was originally conceived in response to demand from the rail industry, which needed a solution to the problem of switchgear housings deteriorating too rapidly, resulting in costly maintenance or replacement. The low-maintenance, corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel buildings have since been recognised by many other industries. They are ideally suited to areas of nuclear plants where the operational environment is difficult or hazardous. In the oil and gas industry, they are perfect for processing areas where high levels of corrosive elements are emitted and air quality is poor. Specifying stainless steel equipment housings reduces the need for people to access these areas, and extends the life of the buildings.

Reduced whole-life costs

As well as improving safety and minimising maintenance, stainless steel buildings represent a more cost-effective solution than mild steel alternatives. The initial capital cost may be higher, but the extended life of the buildings and minimal maintenance requirements mean that whole-life costs are considerably reduced.

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