Protect your e-houses against hazardous gas leaks and explosion risks

To provide fully integrated safety systems for your equipment housings, Portastor undertakes a complete review of your project requirements and specifies all necessary fire and gas detection systems.

Safety systems designed, tested and installed to your specifications

Our safety specialists understand the need to provide safety shutdown interfaces and alarm indications inside operational technical rooms, wherever there is the potential for hazardous atmospheres that pose a risk to equipment or personnel.

We provide fully specified, designed, installed and tested systems to meet your performance and specification requirements. We can supply Portastor standard fire and gas detection devices, or devices that meet your specific standards.

Typical fire and gas safety systems include:

  • Room smoke and fire detection
  • Hazardous gas monitoring, detection and alarm systems (hydrocarbon, H2S)
  • Corrosion/corrosives monitoring and detection
  • High-sensitivity smoke-detection systems (HSSD) for rooms, voids, racks or HVAC ducts

Fully integrated detection systems to suit your safety strategy 

Your detection systems will be integrated with building conditioning plant, providing pressurisation shutdown and air-paths to safeguard the internal environment against potential explosions or hazardous gas leaks. The systems can be configured to suit your safety strategy and the level of risk for each building.

All devices will be wired to the appropriate specification level. Detection activity can be presented locally for connection to your safety system, into a stand-alone control panel or terminated at junction boxes for onward connection.

Full compliance with international standards

Full building fire detection and suppression systems can also be provided to meet national, international and NFPA requirements, using a complete detection system with an integrated fire detection and suppression control panel. These are suitable for use with all recognised gases, and can be specified and supplied to meet individual contract-specific requirements.

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