Blast-resistant buildings to protect essential power and control systems

Portastor has the experience and engineering expertise to design and manufacture robust, blast-resistant buildings to protect essential power, process control and ancillary systems against explosions.

Internationally recognised design standards

All design specifications for Portastor blast-resistant buildings are based on recognised engineering design methods and oil industry standards, which have their basis in ASCE and US military standards. Portastor blast-resistant buildings are typically designed to achieve low-response criteria, ensuring minimal structural damage is caused to the building in the event of a blast.

Sophisticated blast modelling to meet client specifications   

To design buildings capable of withstanding significant blast events, we use structural modelling, finite-element analysis and stress plots to refine the design of our buildings, ensuring they meet all client specifications before construction begins.

Blast resistance designed into every building element

The selective design and use of materials allows buildings to resist significant blast pressures with minimal effect, limiting the extent of distortion and protecting the equipment within. This protection extends to openings and doorways, all of which are purpose-designed to achieve the same blast rating.  By protecting the mission-critical equipment within, these buildings enable plants to resume operations as quickly as possible after any blast incident.

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