Fully integrated bespoke e-houses fitted out to your specifications

Your Portastor equipment housing will be designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your application, taking into account your operational practices, industry-specific requirements, safety regulations, climatic conditions and site limitations.

We understand that the demands of every project are different, which is why we offer completely bespoke packaged equipment housings. Your building will be fitted out to your specifications with all third-party operational and safety-critical equipment,  creating a complete integrated building, ready for delivery to your site.

Versatile equipment housings for every application

Whether you need a blast-resistant, fire-rated, ingress-protected enclosure for mission-critical equipment, or a temperature and humidity-controlled environment for sensitive systems in harsh climates – Portastor can fabricate a building to meet your individual requirements. Your e-house can be fitted out with advanced HVAC systems, environmental monitoring equipment and fire and gas detection and suppression systems.

We can supply single, self-contained, fully equipped e-houses measuring up to 30m x 6m. Larger buildings of any size can be created by linking modules together on site, offering spacious, open-plan interiors.

Large-scale project capabilities

No matter how large your project, we have the capacity to design, manufacture and fit out large numbers of bespoke equipment housings at our vast manufacturing site in York.

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Timescales were extremely tight for this project, and Portastor was the only building supplier able to meet our delivery deadline. Speed of delivery was the number-one requirement, but the quality of the building was also very important, since it had to meet all of Western Power Distribution’s standards for switchgear housings

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