E-houses designed for demanding environments

Whatever mission-critical equipment you need to house in our buildings, we will design, manufacture, install and commission a fully equipped bespoke e-house to protect your essential power, control or automation systems and provide the optimum working conditions.

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01 Bespoke Equipment Housings

Your Portastor equipment housing will be designed and manufactured to meet the specific requirements of your application, taking into account your operational practices, industry-specific requirements, safety regulations, climatic conditions and site limitations.

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02 Blast & Seismic Buildings

Portastor has the experience and engineering expertise to design and manufacture robust, blast-resistant buildings to protect essential power, process control and ancillary systems against explosions.

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03 Fire & Gas

To provide fully integrated safety systems for your equipment housings, Portastor undertakes a complete review of your project requirements and specifies all necessary fire and gas detection systems.

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04 Linked Buildings

If you need spacious open-plan rooms to house mission-critical equipment on a large scale, the Portastor modular building system offers a versatile, scalable solution.

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05 Multi-storey Buildings

Portasilo are experts in bespoke, fully equipped modular equipment housings to protect and maintain essential power, communication and control systems for Oil and Gas, Rail and Power plants.

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06 Stainless Steel Buildings

Portastor stainless steel equipment housings offer the most corrosion-resistant, low-maintenance buildings for housing essential control and automation equipment in difficult-to-access, hazardous or polluted environments.

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07 Clad Buildings

Portastor equipment housings are manufactured with a plastisol-coated steel body, which provides an attractive, low-maintenance, durable exterior – as standard.

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Tailored solutions for your bespoke requirements

Your buildings can be adapted in many ways to meet the specific requirements of your application and site. If you need maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant buildings for remote, inaccessible or hazardous locations, we can supply stainless steel buildings to provide long-life service. To protect your personnel and your essential equipment, your e-house can be designed to provide enhanced blast-resistance, and be fitted with effective fire and gas detection and suppression systems to guard against any potential explosions or vapour cloud events.

Whatever your requirements and no matter how demanding your application, Portastor has the expertise, resources and experience to supply advanced, fully integrated equipment housings for all your third-party OEM equipment.

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