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Portastor is a market leader in the supply of fully integrated factory-built equipment housings. For more than 40 years, it has been manufacturing bespoke E-Houses for a range of Industries including Oil and Gas, Rail, Power, Nuclear, Communications and Data Centres.


Portastor has a strong track record of working to Network Rail standards and meeting the demands of major rail infrastructure projects.

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Portastor was a pioneer in supplying secure, robust communication housings to support the rollout of mobile and broadband communication networks.

Oil & Gas

Portastor has more than 20 years’ experience of designing, building, fitting out and installing fully packaged modular equipment housings for oil and gas plants worldwide.

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Data Centres

Portastor can supply a wide range of modular and bespoke data centre buildings that can house equipment ranging from server racks to power and backup power.

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Portastor are at the forefront of applying modular buildings into a wide range of applications, whatever the equipment we have a housing.

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Portastor buildings provide safe, secure housings for the mining industry that can be supplied fully tested and ready to install, reducing risk and inefficiencies.


Portastor supplies fully equipped and tested modular buildings to house switchgear, control and protection equipment for electricity generation plants, distribution and transmission substations and renewable energy plants.

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About Portastor

Portastor is a market leader in the supply of fully integrated factory-built equipment housings. For more than 40 years, it has been manufacturing and supplying packaged buildings to accommodate Control, Automation and Power equipment for some of the world’s most demanding industries. To learn more about Portastor have a read through our company overview

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A range of OEM equipment, including power, control, rotating and communication equipment

OEM Solutions

The market leader, in the provision and supply of packaged power, equipment and control e-housings into critical processes and adverse environments.

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Power station - South London


Bespoke, fully equipped modular equipment housings manufactured by Portastor, power, communication and control systems across the oil and gas, rail, power and other sectors.

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A full range of services available


Once your building is installed and operational, Portastor offers a range of after-sales services to keep your equipment housing and its integrated systems working at optimum efficiency.

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EHouses from Portastor


Choosing an e-house from Portastor means choosing an individually designed, secure, robust equipment housing, designed to meet your specific performance and safety criteria.

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