Infinitely adaptable equipment housings to meet diverse market demands

The Portastor modular equipment housing concept has been adapted over the past 40 years to meet the demands of many different market sectors. Whatever equipment you need to house, no matter how sensitive, and no matter how remote or hazardous your site, the specialists at Portastor have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create bespoke e-housings to safeguard your essential equipment.

E-houses for process critical environments

Versatile e-house concept

The concept of a factory-built module, fully fitted out and equipped to individual specifications off-site, can be modified to fulfil the requirements of many applications across multiple sectors.
Today, Portastor supplies everything from Relocatable Equipment Buildings for the Rail sector to Substation Housings for the Power industry and Remote Instrument Buildings for the Oil and Gas sector.

Solutions for sector-specific requirements

In each market, we adapt our buildings to comply with sector-specific regulations, standards and operational requirements, and to meet all safety, fire performance, blast resistance and other parameters specified by the client. Our buildings can be designed to withstand extremes of climate and hazardous environments while providing optimum working conditions for the essential equipment within.

Continuous innovation for new markets

We are constantly innovating and applying our knowledge and expertise to meet the demands of new markets, such as Mining, Data centres and Renewable energy.
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Rail industry

Rail Sector

We are an accredited supplier to Network Rail and have a proven track record of delivering complex large infrastructure projects

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Oil and Gas Sector

E-houses for packaged substations, local equipment rooms variable speed drives, analyser housings and control and automation centres

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Power Sector

Bespoke packaged modular buildings to house essential switchgear, transformers, VSD, UPS, control, protection and ancillary equipment

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Communication Sector

Portastor buildings play a central role in mobile telecommunications networks, providing the ideal equipment housing for deployment in even the most remote locations

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Data Centre

Data Centre Sector

Portastor are specialists in building fully packaged bespoke equipment housings for IT equipment, power and control equipment.

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Renewable Sector

Portastor integrated equipment buildings provide the perfect solution for housing control, switchgear and metering equipment on remote sites.

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