Why choose modular equipment housing?

Over the last 40 years, Portastor has adapted their modular equipment housing concept to meet the needs of various market sectors. Modular builds are manufactured off-site, minimising the amount of business downtime you experience during installation and assembly.


What is the difference between modular equipment housing and brick equipment housing?

Traditionally, mission-critical equipment is housed in brick buildings, purpose-built on-site. Brick equipment housing offers a sturdy structure in which to secure your equipment. However, brick buildings are expensive, with time-scales often overrunning and causing unnecessary business downtime.


Modular equipment housing can easily be budgeted for because all manufacturing and building take place elsewhere. A modular design also allows for ‘plug and play’ capabilities, which saves money on costly integration.


Benefits of modular equipment housing

So, why choose modular equipment housing? Portastor’s established modular concept offers numerous benefits.


  • Quality
    By choosing a modular build, you benefit from quality assurance that takes place in Portastor’s dedicated manufacturing facility. These controlled conditions ensure sizing, strength, and accuracy are consistent across your modular build.


  • Time
    On-site builds have a tendency to overrun, causing problems for the rest of your business. By choosing a modular build, you know your time (and money) are being used wisely and in a timely manner. Package modular builds can be completed in Portastor’s factory, cutting off around 50% of the time you would expect from an on-site build.


  • Money
    Modular equipment housing built off-site will not be hindered by adverse weather conditions or unreliable contractors. You agree to a budget at the beginning, and we stick to it.


  • Safety
    Modular builds require little actual building on-site, and are therefore far safer than traditional building sites. The Portastor assembly team are highly experienced professionals with a holistic understanding of up-to-date health and safety procedures. This means your modular build can be completed quickly, efficiently, and with minimal risk.


  • Convenience
    Portastor’s plug and play modular equipment housing concept delivers a completely tailored and pre-integrated solution, off-site. Each build is fitted out with your free-issue equipment in factory conditions, ready for instant installation on-site.This reduces the need for expensive on-site integration and maximises business uptime. Buildings can be fully fitted out with all your free-issue equipment in factory conditions, giving you a complete plug-and-play solution to take to site which minimises expensive on-site integration


  • Scalable
    Where brick equipment housing excels in sturdiness, it falls short in scalability. Being able to expand your equipment is crucial to ensuring the longevity and future growth of your company. By using modular equipment housing, you benefit from a scalable housing solution that can be tweaked depending on the needs of your company.


Modular equipment housing from Portastor

Choose a modular equipment housing solution from Portastor for housings for all applications. Interested? Get in touch today.

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