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Individual Solutions

Bespoke buildings for every application

Choosing Portastor to provide your equipment housings means you won't have to compromise on quality or design. We can meet the individual needs of your organisation, no matter how complex. Whatever your requirement, our specialist project teams will create an equipment housing to suit the specific demands of your equipment and site.

Packaged traction power substation for rail industry

Individually designed for your project

Whether you need process-control, switching or automation equipment housings for the Oil and Gas sector, packaged traction substations for the Rail industry or energy distribution substations for the Utility Power sector, we can provide complete buildings to meet to the individual needs of your project.

Repeatable standard buildings

For major installations that require a large number of identical units to house essential equipment, we can develop a standard building design that can be mass produced for your project. Our manufacturing facilities have the capacity to produce high-volume, low-specification equipment housings to repeatable quality standards, giving you a fleet of buildings designed just for you.

Climate controlled and explosion proof enclosures

Buildings to withstand any environment

Our robust, secure equipment housings can be situated in the most remote and difficult-to-access locations in the harshest climatic conditions, where they are subjected to extremes of temperature. Buildings can be constructed to provide blast-resistant enclosures with fire resistance of at least one hour, as well as ingress protection (IP) and temperature or humidity-controlled environments.

Off-site construction for complete flexibility

Portastor buildings are constructed off-site at our own purpose-built, 60-acre manufacturing facility in York, UK. All of your third-party operational and safety-critical equipment is installed by our personnel to your specifications - creating a complete integrated building, ready for delivery to your site. Off-site construction enables Portastor to complete your project up to 50% faster than conventional on-site construction.

Individually designed power substations

One-stop-shop service

Add to these benefits a single point of contact for your entire project and the time and cost-saving advantages are multiplied. When you choose Portastor, we handle everything from consultation, design and manufacture to testing, installation and commissioning.

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Take a look at our case studies, to find out how we have fulfilled the diverse requirements of customers in all industry sectors, around the world. You can also visit our manufacturing facilities to see how off-site construction and more than 50 years’ experience can benefit your organisation. We will arrange everything.

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